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Our Foodie Bucket Lists! From Local to International

August 17, 2021 Wander Full Food Tours Inc. Season 1 Episode 9
The Okanagan Food Show
Our Foodie Bucket Lists! From Local to International
Show Notes

In episode 9 we talk about our foodie bucket lists. We break them down by 3 categories: Local Okanagan, Canadian and International foodie trips and restaurants we want to try. Plus we talk about the foodie experiences we recommend in the Okanagan and beyond.
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We have a quick guest on the show, Jodi Gorski from Okanagan Crush Pad to tells about their 10 year anniversary event with artist Scott Sueme from Vancouver.

Mentioned in this episode:

We sipped the 2016 Bub Haywire by Okanagan Crush Pad
Jodi has Waterfront Wines and Elma in Penticton on her foodie bucket list.
We recommend Matadora here in Kelowna.

Okanagan bucket list places we have experienced and recommend:
Mission Hill Culinary Experiences
Joy Road Catering, Paisley Notebook and Backyard Farm Chef's Table with Chef Chris
Wine Media Conference (previous Wine Bloggers' Conference)
7 Stones Winery
Food Tours Kelowna
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Canadian bucket list:
Vancouver's German Christmas Market
Cheese, A Love Story on Food Network Canada with Afrim Pristine
Tofino Food & Wine Festival
Wolf in the Fog
Long Beach Lodge Resort
Rhino Coffee
Richmond Dumpling Trail
Vancouver Foodie Tours

St Viateur Bagel in Montreal
Cabane a Sucre and Au Pied du Cochon by Martin Picard
Oyster topped with foie gras in Vancouver restaurant - AnnaLena

Las Vegas mentions:
RIP Rose Rabbit Lie
Beauty & Essex
Best Friend
Cosmopolitan Hotel

Gladly in Pheonix
Tickets in Barcelona
Elizabeth Minchili Food Tours
Osteria Francescara in Modena

Listeners recommend:
@Kai33Low - Myongwolgwan Korean BBQ in the Walker Hill hotel as seen on Buzzfeed's Worth It
@Michelleluedee says Elma in Penticton is her pick
@Caitmr recommends Kelowna's Cantina del Centro

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